St. Charles Borromeo Seminary ~ $20 Million

Founded in 1832, Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary has been serving the Archdiocese or over 175 years. St. Charles has assisted men in discerning their vocation for the priesthood and has prepared many to serve in religious communities throughout the world, as well as in the armed services.

St. Charles also serves as a center of theological education for laity and religious in Philadelphia and around the country. The Religious Studies Division was established to provide the contemporary Church with well-educated teachers and instructors of the Catholic faith, and to provide interested men and women an opportunity to develop a mature commitment to that faith. More than 300 men and women are studying at St. Charles’ Religious Studies Division with another 150 enrolled in the Permanent Diaconate Program.

St Charles Borromeo Seminary

Immediate Campus Infrastructure Needs ~ $10 million

In the past ten years, several projects have helped preserve and enhance the buildings and grounds of The Seminary. Two major projects in particular were the renovation of the Ryan Memorial Library and the Immaculate Conception Chapel. To better enhance and expand Seminary programs, Heritage of Faith ~ Vision of Hope will allocate $10 million to support the following structural and safety related projects:

  • Install fire-suppression system for dormitories and public areas
  • Replace and repair windows and roofs
  • Install elevators throughout campus to assure handicapped accessibility
  • Upgrade athletic facilities and lavatories

Endowment for Philadelphia Seminarians ~ $6 million

St. Charles Borromeo SeminaryThe Seminary provides full scholarships for seminarians of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia who attend the Theology Division. Additionally, partial scholarships are offered to seminarians of the Archdiocese who attend the College Division or Pre-Theology programs. The Campaign will provide $5 million to the existing Seminary Endowment to assist in covering these annual scholarships for our future priests.

Each year, the Seminary sends a group of Philadelphia seminarians to Mexico, to prepare the future priests for ministry to this growing population of Catholics in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The Campaign will establish a new Hispanic Ministry Training Fund of $1 million to help cover the expenses involved in this specialized training.

Renovation of St. Martin’s Chapel ~ $4 million

Saint Martin’s Chapel was built in 1928 to serve the College Division of the Seminary. Every year, the priests of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia gather here for the Day of Sanctification, for the Mass for Deceased Priests, as well as for other occasions. In addition to its regular daily use for Mass, prayer, adoration and other liturgical celebrations, the Chapel is also the site of the Seminary’s annual Forty Hours Devotions, the annual Christmas Concert, and Concursus.

The Chapel was last renovated and painted in 1972. Heritage of Faith ~ Vision of Hope will designate $4 million to the renovation of Saint Martin’s Chapel. Current renovation needs include:

  • Clean exterior and interior building, including artwork
  • Paint the ceiling and apse
  • Address electrical engineering
  • Repair the pews and woodwork
  • Renovate the sanctuary and update the sound-system
  • Restore confessionals