Clergy Retirement ~ $15 Million

Retired Clergy

The Catholic faithful have long been noted for their loyal support for the priests who have baptized and taught their children, preached the Gospel, presided at their weddings, comforted them in their sufferings, forgiven their sins and celebrated the Eucharist. Many labor tirelessly in the Lord’s vineyard, living lives of service and sacrifice. At a certain point in life, however, even the most tireless of servants needs an opportunity to rest from his labors. In order to meet the retirement and healthcare needs of our clergy, the Campaign will designate $15 million in support of the Priests’ Pension Plan and Villa St. Joseph.

Priests’ Pension Plan ~ $12 million

After a lifetime of service, our priests deserve a dignified retirement that supports their modest daily needs and provides adequate healthcare. Currently, there are 158 retired priests in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia residing at a parish, Archdiocesan facility, private residence, or Villa Saint Joseph and Regina Coeli. Over the next five years, 63 priests will reach the age of retirement.

Established in the early 1990s, the Priests’ Pension Plan currently has over $10 million in assets. In order to meet the anticipated needs of our retired priests, the Pension Plan requires an additional $40 million. This campaign will support a monthly living stipend, healthcare and share the costs of caring for frail, elderly priests as well as for those who may be incapacitated and in need of physical assistance in their daily living.

Villa St. Joseph ~ $3 million

Villa St. JosephConstructed in 1948, Villa St. Joseph was originally built for independent retirement living. The building has evolved into an aging-in-place facility, which currently provides several levels of assisted care to a full capacity of 50 priests.

Since the building was not designed to accommodate infirm and disabled priests, the structure does not have handicap accessible bathing, toileting and ambulation equipment. While the demand for retirement care grows, the strain on the current facility is significant. Heritage of Faith ~ Vision of Hope will provide an infusion of funds to address the following structural, environment, and safety improvements that are urgently needed:

  • Upgrade plumbing and bathrooms
  • Improve HVAC system
  • Replace outmoded electrical wiring and worn carpeting
  • Update fire alarm and sprinkler systems
  • Make facility fully accessible to the disabled
  • Install an improved nurse call system
  • Repair windows