Catholic Education ~ $50 Million

In 1854, the fourth bishop of Philadelphia, St. John Neumann, visited Rome and reported that there were 34 parochial schools serving almost 9,000 students. Today, the Archdiocese continues its rich tradition of Catholic education with 184 parochial elementary schools, five special education schools, and 20 Archdiocesan high schools, as well as private schools, colleges, universities, and religious education programs. In all, the Church of Philadelphia currently instructs approximately 190,000 individuals each year.

Catholic schools are a major resource for nurturing faith and fostering Christian values in the lives of our children and young people. In addition to being the best in academic training, we offer invaluable religious formation and character development. Our schools provide opportunities for our young people to reach their fullest potential as responsible members of society and faithful members of the Body of Christ.

New High Schools ~ $30 million

Pope John Paul II High SchoolEducational endeavors that focus on the intellectual, spiritual and moral formation of our young people are the best investment that we can make in the future of the Catholic Church and our world. After surveying more than 10,000 parents and considering a myriad of options for meeting the Church’s secondary education needs, we are building new high schools in vibrant and growing communities that are in need of local Catholic instruction. One school will be built in Royersford, the other in Hilltown. These new stare-of-the-art schools will serve the existing school communities of Kennedy-Kenrick, St. Pius X and Lansdale Catholic High Schools, in addition to the burgeoning local population.

The new schools will include:

  • A 72-seat chapel
  • State-of-the-art science and technology labs
  • Library and media resource center
  • Wireless classrooms
  • Modern fine arts studio and TV studio
  • Auditorium with full theatre capabilities
  • Two gyms and spacious locker rooms
  • Multi-purpose athletics fields with a track
  • Cafeteria with full-service kitchen
  • Air conditioning

Elementary School Tuition Assistance
Endowment ~ $18 million

Catholic School Tuition AssistanceCatholic elementary schools launch children on an educational journey to excellence and service. Our programs aim to unify all aspects of children’s lives, fostering age-appropriate growth in the awareness of God’s love as experienced in the classroom, family, and the parish community. Tuition assistance is essential to making a Catholic education available to every family that desires it. In 2007, a total of 59,613 students attended the 184 elementary schools across the Archdiocese, at an average cost of $3,000 per year. More than 12,000, or roughly 20% of all students, were in need of some form of tuition assistance.

In order to help more families provide their children with a Catholic education, Heritage of Faith ~ Vision of Hope will establish a permanent elementary school tuition assistance endowment of $18 million. Anticipated annual earnings of nearly $1 million will significantly increase tuition assistance awards for Catholic elementary schools. This endowment will award partial tuition assistance and enable thousands of additional students each year to receive a Catholic education.

Special Education Tuition Assistance
Endowment ~ $2 million

Catholic School Special Needs AssistanceThe five Schools of Special Education of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia provide services to the most special of God’s children. In our schools, the students receive services to meet their individual disabilities, but more importantly, the students receive a Catholic education.

While Catholic Charities generously provides more than $1 million each year to support Special Education, sadly, we do not currently have sufficient financial resources to serve all of the children who would benefit from these services. The actual cost of educating each of the 250 special needs students is, on average, $16,000. While families are charged only $2,600, in most cases this is still an enormous financial burden, considering the additional expenses parents face for the ongoing support of the child.

To maintain a high level of commitment to our children with special needs, Heritage of Faith ~ Vision of Hope will establish an endowment of at least $2 million to support the five Schools of Special Education. Generating annual proceeds of approximately $100,000, this fund will provide partial tuition assistance to nearly 100 additional families per year, helping us to better meet the special education needs of scores of children.